After arriving in town, Siobhan soon found a job as a nurse, although she repeatedly clashed with locals, most notably when Victoria Sugden faked an illness. When Victoria actually became sick, Siobhan didn't believe her, causing a clash with Victoria's father Jack. When Paul 's family left the village in December 2003, the couple moved into Victoria Cottage.

In July 2004, married life ended in a horrific manner. Paul went to fix the gutters on a roof with Carl King. Carl playfully tossed him some tools, but when Paul tried to catch them, he fell to his death. Carl and Paul had only recently made up after a fight, and Carl was terrified people would think he'd deliberately killed Paul. Carl called his brothers Jimmy and Matthew and they moved Paul's body to his garden. After returning home from the pub with best mate Chloe Atkinson, Siobhan found Paul's body, cradling him in her arms. Siobhan had no desire to stay in the village, and Matthew, happy to get rid of her as soon as possible, bought Victoria Cottage. Days before her departure, Siobhan learned she was pregnant - a bittersweet irony, as Paul had wanted nothing more than to be a father. Siobhan considered staying in the village, but Matthew refused to let her rent. She left a few days later, never knowing the true circumstances of her husband's death.

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