An unnamed Sonographer performed a dating scan on Rachel Breckle in October 2012. The sonographer told Rachel and Jai Sharma that they were running late, and asked them to wait another ten minutes. Jai went off to pay the parking meter whilst waiting but as he was returning to the correct corridor, he bumped into his brother Nikhil Sharma and Nikhil's heavily pregnant fiancée, Gennie Walker, who believed she was in labour. Jai lied to Nikhil why he was at the hospital and missed the scan. The sonographer scanned Rachel and told her the baby was due on 11th March 2013, as well as showing her the heartbeat. The sonographer reassured Rachel everything looked good as far as she could tell, and pointed out her child sucking it's thumb. Jai later asked the sonographer if Rachel was still at the hospital, but she told Jai he had just missed her. Jai enquired how the scan went but the sonographer told him he would need to ask Rachel as she could not disclose that information.

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