A Spin-off - in media terms - is to derive a new television or radio programme, novel, video game or special video release from an existing (or previously existing) one.

Various types of spin-offs and merchandise of the ITV soap opera Emmerdale have been released throughout the show's history.

Straight to Video/DVD specialsEdit

This is the list of the direct-to-home-media Emmerdale films that have been released. An interesting fact is that the character of Marlon Dingle (played by Mark Charnock) is the only one to have appeared in them all.

  1. 1997 - The Dingles Down Under
  2. 1998 - Emmerdale: Revenge
  3. 1999 - The Dingles in Venice
  4. 2010 - The Dingles: For Richer, For Poorer
  5. 2011 - Paddy and Marlon's Big Night In

TV SpecialsEdit

Programmes about Emmerdale Edit

Programmes featuring Emmerdale Edit

Text Santa Edit


Several Emmerdale books, fiction and non-fiction, have been produced, a number written by Lee Mackenzie and James Ferguson (a pen name of author Peter Walker who also wrote the original novels the TV show Heartbeat is based on as Nicholas Rhea). Lance Parkin (who had been a storyliner on the TV show) also wrote a novel in the early 2000s. At least one of these was also translated into Finnish.

Books about the show:

Books set prior to the first episode:

Episode DVDsEdit

DVD releases of Emmerdale episodes include:


As well as the films, books and episode DVDs there have been other videos and DVDs and memorabilia (often signed by cast members) released, including merchandise relating to The Woolpackers, the Emmerdale band that existed in the 90s.

Scenes Edit

Extra Scenes Edit

In 2014, Emmerdale posted a few videos on their website which were part of current storylines seen on the show. These included:

Deleted Scenes Edit

In 2015, Emmerdale posted a few deleted scenes on their website and on Youtube.

ITV News Edit

In 2013, to coincide with the siege storyline, a new website was created called Emmerdale Village News. This website contained weather forecasts, updates on the siege and news articles about the local area.

In 2015, a few videos were released as an ITV News Report from the Emmerdale website surrounding the events surrounding the shooting of Robert Sugden and the 'Rewind' episode . These include interviews from Harriet Finch, Bob Hope and Victoria Barton.

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