Christmas at Emmerdale is a book written by Pamela Bell (with the assistance of Alasdair Gordon), released on 7th March 2019. The book follows the lives of the villagers (namely Dot Colton, Maggie Sugden and Rose Haywood) between 1918 and 1921, during the end of World War I and the aftermath.


World War I rages on, and the families of Emmerdale are trying their best to move on from tragedy, while the effects of war still resonate throughout the village of Beckindale. Though grief and loss permeate, Maggie Sugden, Rose Haywood and the other inhabitants of the village are finding independence, the chance to make their own happiness - and even opening themselves up to find love.

Characters mentioned

Airey Family

Bainbridge/Skilbeck family

Carr family

Colton family

Dawson family

Dingle family

Haywood family

Hutton family

Petty family

Oldroyd/Sugden family

Pearson family

Pickles family

Porter family

Ramage family

Rigg family

Teale family

Verney family

Warcup family


  • Bob - A dish-washer at the Miffield Hall Hospital
  • Ellen - Dot's colleague and friend in Bradford
  • Ida - A maid working for Levi
  • Marjorie - A maid working for the Haywoods
  • Maureen - A cook who used to work for Jonah
  • Peter - Sybil Edwards' sweetheart


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