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St. Mary's Church is Emmerdale's village church, located on the site of the old School House on Church Lane

The current church building has only been in use since 2002. Prior to that, the original St. Marry's Church was located on the outskirts of the village and was much bigger.


The old church[]

The original church claims to have been built in Viking times, serving the parish of Beckindale for centuries.

In June 1882, the church was gutted by fire, allegedly started by a local choirboy. The church was rebuilt and Albert Oldroyd donated a stained glass window which depicted Christ in a red robe, holding a fat lamb, with hills in the background. 

The church was the site of many funerals including Jacob Sugden in October 1972. In January 1994 the church had to deal with the most amount of bodies to be buried when a multiple funeral took place for the villagers who died in the plane crash. Archie Brooks, Elizabeth Pollard, Mark Hughes and Leonard Kempinski and the Hutchinson family all perished.

Many vicars served at the church during the years, including Edward RuskinBob Matthews and Donald Hinton. The last vicar to be instated before the church moved was Ashley Thomas who was also the longest-serving vicar, having the position for almost 20 years.

The new church[]

The church once again suffered a fire in 2002, this time burnt down by local vet Zoe Tate who was sectioned under the mental health act following the incident. It was decided not to rebuild the church this time and instead its location was changed to the old village school and former tea room buildings.

In late 2008, St. Mary's was under threat of closure due to the falling number of parishioners attending services. The community rallied round to stop this and formed a choir and entered into a regional competition in the hope that winning would save the church. The church was saved when the new owners of Home Farm, the Wylde's bought the church for £500,000 and gifted it to the community.

The church has a blog and so, presumably, a website too.

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St. Mary's Church has been the location of many Emmerdale weddings over the years. Here are the weddings that took place here:

Failed weddings/jiltings[]

Not all weddings in Emmerdale end happily ever after. In fact, some don't happen at all. Like these:


Sadly, many Emmerdale residents have lost their lives. And St. Mary's Church has been home to many of the funerals.


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St. Mary's Church used to have a choir in, consisting of many villagers, including:




Former members: