Steve was the husband of Lydia Hart. Steve and Lydia had no children, although Lydia fell pregnant twice but miscarried. A caravan enthusiast, Steve never got to go on a last big caravan trip before he suffered a fatal pulmonary embolism.

He had a large collection of trophies from his caravanning days, a collection that Lydia often looked over after he had passed away.

During their marriage, Steve had an affair with caravan club secretary Pat Pearce. When Lydia came home early from work one day and saw the caravan rocking on the driveway, their affair was exposed. No matter how hard she tried, Lydia could not stop loving Steve and, not wanting to grow old alone, took him back. She endeavoured to convey a happy marriage.

Lydia was so distraught at her husband's death that she named her parrot after him, so that she always had Steve close to her heart.

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