SOIT Officer Sue interviewed Rhona Goskirk in April 2017 after she reported she was raped by her husband Pierce Harris on their wedding day. Before the interview started, Sue informed Rhona that the interview would be taped and DC Osborne would be watching from another room. She asked Rhona some questions about the assault and Rhona explained how things unfolded and that her attacker had been angry before. After Sue assured Rhona none of this was her fault, Rhona decided to call a halt to the interview as she didn't want to be looked at with pity and be viewed as a victim. Before Rhona left, Sue gave her a number to call if she needed to talk.

Nearly two months later, Rhona returned to the Sexual Assault Referral Centre with the support of her friend Vanessa Woodfield and named Pierce as her attacker. The interview was restarted and as a result, Pierce was arrested and subsequently charged with rape.

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