Sunil Malla is Carly Hope's ex-fiancé, who she dumped at the altar.

Sunil turned up at Café Main Street demanding Carly pay him the money he shelled out for their wedding. Sunil insulted Carly so Carly's father Bob Hope punched him and Ross Barton had to step in between them. Bob offered to pay Sunil the money he was demanding on Carly's behalf. Whilst Sunil was in the café, Ross went outside and stole his flash car but he was unable to sell the car. Sunil phoned the police to report the theft, but PC Swirling dismissed him as a time waster as by then Ross had taken the car back and parked it across the street. Less than a month later, skint Carly broke into Sunil's house to steal some items she later sold to a pawn shop.

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