Susan was a business associate of Tom Waterhouse, aka Joe Tate, who he met with in November 2017 after lying to girlfriend Debbie Dingle that he was ill. Debbie's mother Charity was adamant something was off about Tom so she followed him to his office where she witnessed Tom greeting Susan in a rather friendly manner. Charity took a photo of Tom and Susan which she showed Debbie who later interrupted Tom and Susan's meeting. Tom explained to Debbie that Susan was a business associate and was annoyed she couldn't trust him.

In the new year, Tom began employing Debbie at his company, Waterhouse International. On Debbie's first day working at Waterhouse International, Susan introduced herself to Debbie properly and suggested she witness the signing of a multimillion-pound deal. This made Tom nervous as the deal was to do with the Dale Woods Golf Course development which was forcing members of Debbie's family out of their home to build the access road. Tom managed to get the deal signed and Susan out of the room before she said too much.

A few months later, Susan agreed to buy the golf course development by which point the access road had been moved. As part of the deal, Susan's wedding would take place at Joe's home, Home Farm, and Joe would cover the costs of the extravagant nuptials. In early May, demanding bride Susan met with wedding planner, Megan Macey, and Joe's right-hand man, Graham Foster, to discuss her impending nuptials. Susan got married on 12th July 2018.

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