Suzie was a client of gigolo Rodney Blackstock.

Suzie arranged a date with Rodney's gigolo alias Hunter, but after Rodney got stuck in traffic on the motorway, he asked son-in-law Jimmy King to cover for him. Jimmy takes Suzie for a drink at The Woolpack where they discuss their love of TV show Ice Road Truckers. Suzie asks to go back to Jimmy's house for coffee, where she gave him expensive jewelry that her ex-husband gave her and told Jimmy about her husband's many affairs. Jimmy went outside to talk to Rodney when he eventually arrived and when they went back inside they discovered Suzie's lifeless body.

After Suzie's death her nephew Marcus discovered that her jewelry was missing. He found the jewelry in a pawn shop and discovered that Rodney had pawned it. He turned up at Victoria Cottage and realised that Rodney was to one who pawned Suzie's things and demanded that Jimmy and Rodney return the jewelry.

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