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14th to 20th OctoberYour New-View Afternoons on ITVFeature on new daytime broadcasts on ITV as TV viewing hours are extended. Emmerdale Farm is featured alongside other programmes and serials making their debut such as Rainbow, General Hospital and Crown Court. The basis of the opening episodes of Emmerdale Farm are explained (from the Wilks' arrival through to Ruth Merrick's shaky marriage) alongside a comment from producer David Goddard who notes that the main interest for the show is on conflicts and relationships of families at the farm rather than 'yokels'.
25th November to 1st DecemberPlayback: Extra HoursA letter from Mrs. Dora Manton in Belfast comments on the Extra Hours of TV broadcasting and how she is 'especially' enjoying Emmerdale Farm. Dora mentions how the stone walls remind her of her native home in Derbyshire and questions whether the serial is filmed there. TV Times note that the serial is filmed in the Yorkshire Dales and that filming takes place at both a genuine farm and a real village, both which are not being disclosed in order to "aid the illusion of the series".
2nd to 8th DecemberIt's Not All Roses Down on the FarmDouble-page feature written by Kevin Laffan in which he recalls being born in the Midlands and moving to the countryside when he was fourteen before working on a farm and his experience.


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10th to 16th MarchNo titleSmall article on how Carolyn Moody spends most of her free weekends on archaeological digs but traded in this hobby to work in a local pub in order to learn the tricks of the trade for her new part. Also mentions how Carolyn is an opera fan and has sung at the Royal Opera House in Convent Garden, London.
24th to 30th MarchTV Talk: Emmerdale's wedding of the yearArticle on Frank Blakey and Janie Harker's wedding, noting other television weddings in Coronation Street, Father, Dear Father and Please Sir!.
31st March to 6th AprilPlayback: Trash LossA letter from R. R. Wadshorth in Baldock, Herts. commending on how said it was to lose Leonard Maguire as Trash. TV Times notes how several correspondents claimed Maguire should receive an acting award for the part.
21st to 27th AprilPlayback: Top SecretA letter from J. Armitage in Liverpool asking where the serial is filmed, suspecting the Yorksire Dales near the village of Bolton Abbey. The reply comes from producer Peter Holmans who says "The farm and the village are kept a secret. You will notice that they are never referred to by name. We made this promise to the farmer who didn't want sightseers on his property. But you are fairly accurate; the farm is about 10 miles from Leeds and 50 miles from the village itself - in the Yorkshire Dales."
16th to 22nd JunePlayback: Obey, An OptionA letter from Rev. John Wilkinson in Barrow-in-Furness criticising the use of the word "obey" in marriage services on television. Rev. Wilkinson mentions both Janie's wedding and a road safety advertisement but points out that a large proportion of churches used the Revised Service where there is no mention of this word and many brides have the right to ask their parish priest to leave the word out.
20th to 26th OctoberPlayback: Leaving the farmA letter from Miss T. Butler in Westham, Kent who expresses how Emmerdale Farm won't "have the same meaning" at the news of Andrew Burt leaving the show as Jack Sugden. Miss Butler asks if Andrew is leaving the show for good and what his future plans are. A reply from Yorkshire Television explains that Andrew "has decided after a year in the series that he must not become too identified with a particular character" and is now looking for new TV and theatre work.


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9th to 15th FebruaryPlayback: All AliveA letter from Rev. S. C. Watts in Taunton, Somerset praising the portrayal of a parson as a man and not caricature. Watts also commends the programme for the lack of stilted cliches in the dialogue.
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