Note: All details below are taken from the "England" edition of TV Times.

Note: As per 1997 onwards, many of the soap page articles were generically focused on the storylines and contained little additional information from the actors or anyone else concerned by way of opinion and usually just repeated information concerning what was going to happen within the episodes. A comparison between the headline of the articles and the episodes shown that week will illustrate what the article refers to and no further explanation below is necessary. Where the headline is not explicit enough, the information in brackets contains additional information.


Issue dated Title Content
19th to 25th MarchSoapsClout in the open (Pierce/Paddy/Rhona/ / Barton's back (Holly) / Tomb much to bear? (Eric) / Latest news: Duncan Preston on being grumpy and Elizabeth Estensen being his favourite person to moan too and Tony Audenshaw on his four-hour round trip from work being a good place to learn songs he sings with his band.
Same issueThursday billings page: TV Times talks to Emma Atkins A quote from an interview with the actress in 2015 about how she was itching to get back to the soap from maternity leave.
26th March to 1st AprilSoapsBriefs encounter (Andy/Chrissie/Bernice) / Barton bail out (Holly) / Cancer scare (David) / Latest news: Iain MacLeod promising a big stunt in June and a 'big and bonkers' development in October and information on how to arrange a visit to the Emmerdale village.
2nd to 8th AprilSoapsZealous guy (Zak/Rishi/Joanie) / Carry-on with the doctor (Belle/Dr Bailey) / Asphalt & battery (Lawrence/Andy) / Latest news: Nicola Stephenson starring in a tour of Stepping Out and Kelvin Fletcher to take part in The British Touring Car Championship.
9th to 15th AprilSoapsTrial and terror (Aaron/Gordon / Dad do Ron Ron? (Chrissie/Ronnie) / Doctor's shocker (David/Dr Bailey/Belle) / Latest news: Emma Atkins discusses her interest in a storyline which would see Charity being bullied and Eden Taylor-Draper shares her nervousness of finding out that Belle was to begin seeing an older married man.
Same issueLettersA letter from Paul Hobbs in Somerset praising John Middleton's acting.


Issue dated Title Content
21st September to 27th SeptemberSoapsIs Graham Millie's father? / She's dating a drug dealer! (Harriet/Moira) / Mandy's pregnant / Dales extra: Danny Miller discusses Ryan Hawley's exit from the soap
28th September to 4th OctoberSoapsKerry confesses! / Caught out... (Moira/Nate) / Sick behaviour? / Dales extra: Lisa Riley assures fans that Mandy won't be looking to steal ex-husband Paddy from Chas
5th October to 11th OctoberSoapsVanessa arrested! / My name's Lydia... / Checkmate / Dales extra: Samantha Giles discusses leaving Emmerdale
12th October to 18th OctoberSoapsRobron on the run! / Affair cop (Faith/Pete) / Simply irresistible? (Kim/Graham) / Dales extra: Michelle Hardwick talks about having a ball filming recent scenes of the revelation of the culprits behind Frank's death
19th October to 25th OctoberSoapsDeath on the lake? (Moira/Cain/Nate) / Labour in the loo! (Marlon/Chas) / Exit strategy (Mandy/Vinny) / Dales extra: Anthony Quinlan has decided to leave the soap
26th October to 1st NovemberSoapsCaught OUT! (Mandy/Vinny) / Betrayed! (Kim/Graham/Rhona) / New love for Jacob? / Dales extra: Sally Dexter makes history by starring as the first-ever female Scrooge on a London stage.
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