Tall Trees Cottage is currently the home of Marlon Dingle, his daughter April Windsor and step-sons Ellis Chapman and Billy Fletcher.

History Edit

Tall Trees Cottage was named due to the row of tall trees behind it. It is just outside the main village. These days, Tall Trees is seen as the abode of bumbling Marlon Dingle. However it wasn't always like this, as is with any iconic location.

Tall Trees was introduced as the home and property of pensioner Noreen Bell, who had become good friends with Val Lambert.

In July 2006, Noreen was one of the fatalities of the gas explosion at the Kings River Show-home, and thus her home became unoccupied and had no owner. Noreen left her money to Val in her will, while her home went up for sale.

Married couple Marlon Dingle and Donna Windsor-Dingle purchased the house in 2007, hoping to raise their family there. However, their separation and divorce in 2009 put an end to those plans.

Over the years, many residents have come and gone, but Marlon has remained a constant mainstay of Tall Trees. Notable residents include Marlon's second wife, the aforementioned Donna, as well as Marlon's troublesome brother Eli, Marlon's third wife Laurel, Marlon and Donna's daughter April and Marlon's distant relative Lizzie Lakely.

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