Tanya is Nikhil Sharma's girlfriend from Canada.

Nikhil and Tanya began their relationship in mid-2014. In March 2015 they contemplated moving in with each other and Nikhil's young daughter Molly Sharma. Nikhil returned to Emmerdale in October 2015 as his family were in crisis. Nikhil agreed to look after the family factory while his brother Jai suffered from a cocaine addiction so Tanya got a break from work and in November 2015 she flew to England to be with Nikhil. After she arrived in the village she met Jai and Nikhil's late wife Gennie Walker's mother Brenda Walker. Jai managed to persuade Tanya to attend Gennie's birthday memorial. Tanya felt uncomfortable at the memorial so went back to Holdgate Farm. A few days later Jai spiked Tanya's drink and took her back to The Grange where he undressed her and took photos of her on his phone. The following morning Jai showed Tanya the photos and told her that he would not tell Nikhil about the previous night as long as she and Nikhil returned to Canada that day. Tanya persuaded Nikhil to return to Canada. Before they left, Nikhil told her that he had to tell Jai something before he left and confessed to Tanya that Jai's estranged wife Megan Macey was pregnant with Jai's baby. Tanya suggested that maybe Jai doesn't deserve to know and she admits to Nikhil that Jai blackmailed her but they did not sleep together, so they can no longer stay in the village. Nikhil is disgusted at both Tanya and Jai and confronts Jai telling him that he was going to leave but is staying anyway now he has lost Tanya. Tanya and Nikhil managed to patch up their relationship but Tanya dumped Nikhil by e-mail after Jai meddled in their relationship again.

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