The Tate family are a family that was introduced in-lieu with Emmerdale Farm's rebranding as Emmerdale and move to primetime in 1989

The original family consisted of Frank Tate, his children Chris and Zoe, and his second wife Kim.

The current family consists of Kim, her and Frank's son Jamie and his wife and daughter Andrea and Millie



Frank and Chris Tate first arrived in the village in November 1989 as the new rich family running Home Farm. They were joined by Frank's daughter Zoe and wife Kim in December


In November 1991, Chris married Kathy Merrick but their marriage broke down after the plane crash in 1993 which rendered him paralysed and bitter. In December 1995, Chris married Rachel Hughes but their marriage lasted less than a year because of Chris's increasingly selfish and money-grabbing ways. The following May, Zoe has a commitment ceremony with Emma Nightingale which ended even quicker with Zoe having an affair with Emma's ex Susie

In September 1996, Kim gave birth to her and Frank's son, James Tate. One by one, the original family thinned out; Frank died of a heart attack in 1997, Kim fled the village with James in 1999. The same year, Zoe and Chris discovered that Frank had fathered an illegitimate son Liam Hammond in 1961. However, he was fatally shot by Zoe in November after he kidnapped Chris. 


In November 2001, Chris married former prostitute Charity Dingle, despite her having an affair with Zoe during their engagement. In January 2003, Zoe gave birth to her daughter Jean. Later that year, Chris discovered he had an inoperable brain tumour and committed suicide. The following March, Charity gave birth to Chris' son Noah but they left the village a year later.  Zoe remained in the village until 2005 when she left the village for New Zealand alongside her daughter Jean and nephew Joseph.

Noah returned to the village alongside his mother in October 2009. Noah eventually dropped the Tate name and adopted his mother's maiden name; Dingle.


In 2017, Joseph (now simply "Joe") returned as a successful young man, CEO of an international corporation...and all under the alias of Tom Waterhouse. His true identity was revealed in January 2018.

Eight months later in October, Joe left the village to go on the run and Kim was released from prison and returned to Emmerdale. Her son, Jamie Tate, who had lost contact with his mother years ago, also came to Emmerdale in April 2019, and not long afterwards revealed he had a wife and daughter, Andrea and Millie


In January 2020, the Tates were all involved in the murder mystery of who killed Kim's latest husband Graham Foster

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