The Tate family was a family that was introduced in-lieu with Emmerdale Farm's rebranding as Emmerdale and move to primetime in 1989. The original family consisted of Frank Tate, his children Chris and Zoe, and his second wife Kim. One by one, the original family thinned out; Frank died of a heart attack in 1997, Kim fled the village in 1999, Chris committed suicide in 2003, and Zoe remained in until 2005 when she left the village for New Zealand alongside her daughter Jean Jr. and Chris' son Joseph. Chris' other son, Noah, returned to the village with his mother, Chris' final wife Charity Dingle, in 2009. Noah eventually dropped the Tate name and adopted his mother's maiden name; Dingle. In 2017, Joseph (now simply "Joe") returned as a successful young man, CEO of an international corporation...and all under the alias of Tom Waterhouse. His true identity was revealed in January 2018. Nine months later in October, Kim was released from prison and returned to Emmerdale.





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A list of the Tate family member's:

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