PC Ted Edwards was the local Beckindale police officer between November 1977 and September 1980.

In November 1977, Ted investigated a disturbance at the Vicarage, which turned out to be a burglar who attempted to rob the house. In May 1978, Ted Edwards attempted to apprehend Steve Hawker and Pip Coulter who performed an armed robbery at The Woolpack, however failed as they got away after stealing Annie Sugden's car.

In January 1979, Ted Edwards questioned a man who crashed his truck after fleeing the police, being a suspected sheep rustler. However, his truck was found empty and the man was free to go. In February 1979, Ted was called to defuse an argument between Neil Batt and Tober More. The argument was beginning to get out of hand and a desperate Martha More attempted to stop it by grabbing Ted and knocking his hat off. Martha was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Ted investigated the rape of Wendy Hotson in April 1979, but the man was killed after being struck by a motorbike. The man was unidentifiable, but it was proven that he was the attacker. He questioned Joe Sugden in May 1979 when Phil Fletcher was shot in the leg, claiming that Joe had intentionally shot him. However, the case was dropped when Phil's son Terry revealed the truth.

Ted tried to arrest Mick Ledder for shooting Enid Pottle's fox in January 1980 due to insufficient evidence and advises against private prosecution. He investigated the death of Harry Moore in May 1980 but his death was ruled natural causes.

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