Tenant House (also known as Tenant's Cottage and Annie's Cottage) is a house located in Church Lane. The property is currently empty after Megan and Eliza Macey moved away.


Tenant's House is the second oldest surviving building in the village, having been built in 1671 by someone with the initials T.R.. It was first seen in 1993 when Annie Sugden bought it after the family had to leave the original Emmerdale Farm. Instead of moving into Hawthorn Cottage with her oldest son Jack Sugden and his wife Sarah Sugden, Annie chose this property and lived there until 1996.

Since then were multiple tenants, including Kim Tate and lover David Glover in 1996, followed by Sean Rossi, the Cairns, Marlon Dingle, Terry Woods and Sean Reynolds, among others. 

In 2002, Annie's son Jack moved back into the house along with their children Robert, Victoria and Andy. In 2004, Jack married Diane Blackstock who also moved in. 

In 2007, Victoria caused a fire which gutted the house. Greg Doland, with the help of his son Jake rebuilt the house and moved in with his wife Melanie Doland and baby son Arthur. Faye and Ryan Lamb moved in mid-2009 but they had both moved out less than two years later.

In 2012, Jai Sharma bought the house for Rachel Breckle, who was pregnant with their son Archie at the time. The following year, Rachel moved her boyfriend Sam Dingle and Sam's young son Samson in with her. Soon after Sam and Samson moved in, Rachel's sister, Ali Spencer, was made homeless so Ali, Ali's girlfriend, Ruby Haswell, and Ali's two children Sean and Amelia also moved into the property. With eight people living in the house, space soon became an issue so Rachel, Sam, Samson and Archie moved back to Sam's family home, Wishing Well Cottage, leaving Ali, Ruby, Sean and Amelia to live at Tenant House. Sean moved out in September 2014 when he joined the army.

In January 2015, Rachel and Archie moved back into Tenant House and Sam and Samson soon followed in May. By June, Ali, Ruby and Amelia had moved out and in August Rachel and Archie moved to Liverpool for a fresh start with Ali following Ruby's death. Later that month, Jai's estranged pregnant wife Megan moved into the house and became Sam's house-mate. Jai and Megan's daughter Eliza was born in March 2016 and she also moved into the property after a spell in the NICU.

Sam and Samson moved back to Wishing Well Cottage in May 2017 to give Megan and her new boyfriend, Frank Clayton space. Frank lived in Tenant House on-and-off until his death in August 2019. Following Frank's death, Megan and daughter Eliza moved out when they left the village later that month. 

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