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The Feathers Country Hotel can be located in Connelton on Hotten Road and was occasionally visited by the residents of Beckindale mostly in the 1970s.

In 1972, Jack Sugden met his wife Lynn there in an attempt to sort out their marital problems, shortly after he had moved back to Beckindale. Henry and Marian Wilks have also visited the hotel for lunches and dinners and Henry would move into the hotel between April and October 1973 following a fire destroying his home Inglebrook.

Frank and Janie Blakey also attended a dinner with Dan Middleton in November 1973.

In February 1983, it was said that a Ron Braithwaite and his wife Maud Braithwaite were the new owners.

In 2009, Val Pollard noted the hotel had hired a new chef.

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