The Ford is an area of the stream passing by the outskirts of Emmerdale that widens to become a shallow lake. One part of a road (Cricketer's Row) runs through the shallowest section of the lake. Just a stone's throw away is a small footbridge which is commonly used by the residents of Emmerdale.

Some key storyline events have occurred in or near the Ford:

In July 2010, an alcoholic and disheveled Shadrach Dingle was crossing the footbridge carrying a six-pack of beer, when he experienced a sharp pain in his liver and dropped the cans into the stream. While trying to retrieve the cans from the water, Shadrach's liver ruptured and he collapsed into the stream, drowning. His body was later found by his nephew Marlon, who had kicked him out of his home just hours before his uncle's death. Shadrach had alienated his entire family because he was told that if he would not stop drinking, he would die, and he outright refused to quit drinking. Marlon ended up becoming estranged from his family due to Shadrach's death.

In January 2015, Cain Dingle, Shadrach's step-son, was walking beside the Ford when he suddenly collapsed into the water. He had recently been diagnosed with a brain aneurysm, and it was this that caused the complications behind his collapse. He was found floating in the stream by Vanessa Woodfield and Kirin Kotecha, who called an ambulance. Unlike his step-father, Cain survived his collapse. However, he held out his refusal to have his aneurysm operated on. After both his daughter Debbie and his wife Moira trying to convince him to have the operation he finally agreed to have the op done.

In May 2015, Laurel Dingle, who like Shadrach was suffering from alcoholism, buried her husband Marlon's pet dog Daisy near the Ford after running over and killing her while drunk-driving. Daisy was one of the last reminders Marlon had of his late ex-wife Tricia. Marlon discovered Laurel covering her tracks near the Ford. It was this event that triggered the collapse of Marlon and Laurel's marriage and led to Laurel finally seeking help for her drink problem.

In January 2017, diabetic Kerry Wyatt went on an alcohol and chocolate binge after being sacked from her job at Sharma & Sharma. She suffered a diabetic fit on the footbridge and was found by her husband Dan and step-daughter Amelia. Kerry continued to remain out of control until she received the news that her friend Joanie, who was also the adoptive grandmother of her grandson Kyle, had died suddenly while coming home from a short stint in prison.

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