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The Grange is a Bed & Breakfast located on Main Street in Emmerdale. It is currently owned by Bob Hope and Nicola King. It has been previously owned by Carol Wareing, Alan Turner, Louise Appleton, Terry Woods, Val and Eric Pollard, Diane Sugden and Bernice Blackstock.


In 2006, Adam Forsythe murdered Terence Turner in the B&B.

In May 2018, Lachlan White murdered Gerry Roberts by bashing him with a rock after Gerry was trapped under the rubble.

In October 2021, sisters Meena Jutla and Manpreet Sharma move in to a room at the B&B, after Manpreet left her husband Rishi and David Metcalfe dumped Meena. Whilst they are there, they get into a huge argument which leads to Manpreet moving into Dale View. Meena stays on a little while longer, and engages in an argument with new employee Noah Dingle, accusing him of fancying her after he entered her room without knocking. When he eventually gets to clean Meena's room, he finds Leanna Cavanagh's stolen ring and then steals it from Meena, as a present for his girlfriend Chloe Harris. When Meena realises that Noah has stolen from her, she tells him to get the ring back or to get ready for payback. He later gets the ring back from Chloe, although he panics and dumps it on Samson Dingle. Meena gets the ring back after breaking into Wishing Well Cottage, and when Noah finds out, he threatens to tell Cain and to call the police, but Meena threatens him, so he backs off.

In 2022, Eric Pollard hired Chas Dingle as manager, however one of Chas' main priorities was to compete with her cousin Charity Dingle whom was reopening The Woolpack which had previously belonged to Chas. While Eric initially did not condone Chas' reasons, as the pub and B&B had coexisted for many years, he later came round to her way of thinking as on the day of the Woolpacks grand reopening, Eric turned away its food delivery, however Woolpack manager, Mackenzie Boyd, got revenge on the B&B by infesting them with rats. However, not long after Chas was invited to return as manager of the Woolpack and quit at the B&B.

In 2023, Eric Pollard sells The Grange to Bernice Blackstock and Bob Hope to help his sons shop David's Shop keep afloat and in July 2023, Bernice employed Tracy Robinson. In November 2023, after defrauding her sister Nicola King, Bernice handed her share of the B&B over to her.

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