The Major was a golfing friend of Alan Turner and a military man. Alan owed his local landlord Amos Brearly a favour, so invited him along to a golfing match. The Major was not impressed with Amos' garish clothing and banal chatter, refusing to shake Amos's hand. The Major also remarked that they should start before some "damned women, or even worse, beginners" arrive. As The Major went to take a swing, Amos shouted out which annoyed the Major. However, The Major was a cheat at golf, with Amos witnessing him change the place of his ball when he thought nobody was looking. Amos later annoyed The Major again so he stormed off back to the club house. Amos went to the locker room and he could hear Alan Turner and The Major round the corner discussing him, where The Major asked Turner whatever made him invite Amos along as the man is an idiot. Turner said he owed Amos a favour but did not want to invite him, but that Amos had told him he could play. The Major then told Turner that Amos is a liar as well as a buffoon, not to mention an insufferable bore, in which Alan fully agreed with. A shocked and hurt Amos did not let on he heard, and asked Tufty Billingham to drive him back to Beckindale. When Amos emerged from the locker rooms, The Major turned away from him, showing his sheer dislike of him, and was relieved when Amos left. Alan then arranged a shooting weekend with The Major at Home Farm.

A few days later, Amos got his own back on Turner in The Woolpack when he was starting to tell Turner an old story but then said he will not go on as he does not want to bore him. Turner knew Amos overheard him and The Major criticising him.

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