The Maltshovel (formerly Malt) is Emmerdale's second pub on the outskirts of the village, roughly a mile from the cricket ground. From 1943 up until the 1990s, the pub was run by landlord Ernie Shuttleworth who had a large rivalry with Amos Brearly.

Up until 1980 village gamekeeper Seth Armstrong was a regular drinker at The Malt Shovel but switched to The Woolpack. When he did, Tom Merrick called him a snob for deserting the Maltshovel and continued drinking there and upon his return to Beckindale in late 1980 he mentioned the service was quicker there of which Amos replied "That's because they have less customers to serve down there". In 1991 while the pipework was being changed in the Woolpack, forcing them to shut down temporarily, Seth, Jock MacDonald and Bill Middleton as well as most other villagers swapped The Woolpack for The Maltshovel but soon swapped back again, much to new Woolpack landlord Alan Turner's joy.

Until early 1995, it was said that the infamous Dingle family drank at The Maltshovel, hence why they were never seen in The Woolpack. But that year they switched to the Woolpack as they were supposedly banned from The Maltshovel. This alarmed several Woolpack regulars due to the Dingles being a rabble.

In 2002, relative Warren Shuttleworth took over the role as landlord of the pub from Ernie. 

In 2012, Brenda Walker attended a dance class above the pub. The pub was mentioned by Marlon Dingle in April 2018, when he told The Woolpack customer Jeff that nobody ever goes there.

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