The Real Hairdressers of Harrogate is a fictional reality television series that documents the lives of the staff and customers of a salon owned by Marcel in Harrogate.

In April 2018Daz Spencer overhears girlfriend Bernice Blackstock complaining about her father but thinks she is talking about him. One thing she said was how she hated his hair. Daz, thinking that his hair was the problem, went into Harrogate with Bob Hope and Dan Spencer for a few drinks. Later, he visited the salon and had his hair dyed.

The next day, hairdresser Bernice overheard Daz confide in Kerry Wyatt how he had 'cheated' on Bernice and revealed his hair. Bernice kept listening and was livid that Daz had cheated on her with another man but later found out the truth.

The next week, Ross Barton and Rebecca White watched the show together and were surprised to see Daz on their screen. Daz was forced to tell Bernice as he didn't know he would appear on TV and go viral.


Can Marcel and Camille fix drunken Daz's hair - and life? Will Rafael backstab Blu for a late job? When will Donte's, Ivette's and Trysha's love triangle end? - Narrator

The ups and downs of both the staff and customers are explore in each episode of this jam-packed reality show.


  • The characters in this sub-programme are played by Emmerdale crew members.
  • Ross and Rebecca also watch a similar show, The Real Beauticians of Bedford.
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