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Theodore Eric "Theo" Metcalfe (legally named Alex Stepney) is the son of Maya Stepney and David Metcalfe and the half-brother of Amba Metcalfe although Jacob Gallagher is considered as Theo's brother as he was raised by David and refers to him as his father.


2019-: Conception, birth and early life

In 2019, Maya Stepney started grooming her boyfriend David Metcalfe's teenage step-son, Jacob Gallagher. She began sleeping with him after his 16th birthday whilst continuing her relationship with David. Unbeknownst to David and Jacob, one of these relationships resulted in her falling pregnant. After the truth about Maya's abuse of Jacob came out she was sentenced to prison for a year.

In November 2019, Maya was released from prison early and revealed to be pregnant. She soon gave birth to a baby boy whom she named Alex. However, on Christmas Day, Maya abandoned the baby on David and Jacob's doorstep with a note asking them to look after him and then fled the country. A DNA test soon concluded that David was the baby's father much to everyone's relief. David initially struggled with being a father to Maya's baby but soon grew very fond of him and named him Theodore, or Theo for short, as per Leyla Harding's suggestion.

Whilst waiting for the DNA results the family had refrained from reporting the incident to Social Services and David soon began fearing that if he did it now they would take Theo away from him. However, Doctor Liam Cavanagh who was a friend of the family and had helped with the DNA test, insisted they reported it as Theo needed to be registered as a patient so he could treat him properly should he ever needed it. Thus, after keeping his presence secret for two weeks, David finally called Social Services. After contacting Maya, the Social Worker revealed Theo was actually named Alex on his birth certificate. The Social Worker also informed David he would need to apply through a court for a parental responsibility order which would secure his rights to Theo.

On 23rd March 2020, Theo was christened in a joint ceremony alongside Eve Dingle and Harry Sugden. The same day, David received a letter informing him he had been granted parental responsibility of Theo.

In 2021 David starts to take turns with Victoria Sugden in minding Theo and Harry. This arrangement causes David and Victoria to spend more time together, enraging David's girlfriend Meena Jutla. Meena decides to ruin David and Victoria's bond, she steals Theo from Keepers Cottage when Victoria isn't looking and when a search party is formed Meena brings Theo back and guilt trips Victoria by lieing that she found Theo at the bridge beside the river.

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