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    From this point on, when adding information such as character birth dates and other information that is generaly difficult to keep track of (previous addresses, weddings etc.), could you please make a mention of the episode number that the info was confirmed in. A lot of information is finding it's way onto other sites that is either completely inaccurate or has just been assumed to be a rough best guess. That information is then being re-posted onto this Wikia as fact which is threatening the overall accuracy of this site.

    As well as helping to confirm accuracy, this will also help to track any inconsistencies. A recent example of this being in Episode 7235 - Emma and James' marriage was mentioned as being solomnised in 1992 but our page for Emma states that she married James in 1989. I'm fairly certain that this date had previously been mentioned in the programme, but as I (stupidly) didn't cite the reference on the creation of the page I can no longer back that information up as accurate until I find the episode where this was mentioned. For furture reference, if you do encounter any contradictory information it's probably best to always go with the most recent mention as info can sometimes be amended to suit plot (e.g. Jacob Sugden's date of death in Episode 1 originally being 3rd July 1972 but later being changed to 10th October to tie in with the first episode transmission), we can then note the incosistancy in a 'Notes' section.

    From its' conception, this Wikia has always tried to adhere to the confirmed facts only and I believe for our credability it's important to strengthen this when there is an increase of inaccurate information on other sites. If you do end up relying on other means for information (e.g. websites, books etc.), could you please add the website/book name in the edit summary so info can then be checked for accuracy, otherwise the contribution will risk facing deletion until confirmed.

    Any questions feel free to ask and thanks in advance for your co-operation with this,


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    • A lot of information/details are changed to suit storyline lines. SO you could have the current detial in the info box then someone sees the old episode where that date has been changed and reverts it back.

      Donna's birthday was changed to fit in with Andy/Katie/Robert. As well in April 2013 Moira said she would be 42 the following week but the following year during the Adam paternity storyline it was said she was 18 when Adam was concived and he was 22 so that would make her 40/41 not the 43. Also Eric's infobox has his marraige to Eileen Pollock in 1970 where as hers it staes that they were married in 1964.

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