• I want to report this member using profanity to me when I yet again asked Chaps why he was replacing good images with lower quality images? This new member, VeryNiceuCaesarChan has only just joined this wiki, so I feel annoyed that I am being sworn at by a new member.

    I dont care if Chaps images are more recent, the point is, they are of a lower quality. Benny1982 (talk) 12:39, January 18, 2020 (UTC)

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    • I'm sorry that someone was rude to you, and someone that's a new editor at that. I don't believe you acomplish anything by swearing. Best to solve things in a calm and peaceful way, which is what I will attempt to do now. Just so you know, I'm not the only one that has replaced images. Your crisp image of Jack Sugden was replaced by a new image monnths ago, but I saw no complaints there. It seems like you only have a problem with images being replaced when it's me. Also, your usage of the word "yet again" implies this has happened on numerous occasions recently, when it actually happened midway last year, so a good 5-6 months ago. We're in a new decade now, the last thing I want is to bring 2019 drama back. Especially on a Wiki where I'm barely active, and plan on not watching the show anymore once Graham's exit storyline is finished.

      Take me changing the image of Elsa Chappell. I used the image I did because it contains the most recent person to play Elsa, whereas yours contained the original actor. Every other recasted character has the most recent person to play said character, what I did was no different to altering the image of characters like Sarah Sugden Jr and Jamie Tate when they got recasted. It's not like last year, where I replaced an image with a lower quality one (e.g. good old Elizabeth), with THAT I could understand your annoyance. But you have to understand that for Elsa's page, I made a legitamate helpful contribution by putting an image of Elsa played by her most recent actor.

      Oh, and happy new year!

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    • OK, lets just forget about it and put it behind us, I see other images have been changed by other members, which can be a good thing, such as before that, I once uploaded an image of Sven Olsen which was not very good due to the low quality of the recording of the episode on VHS, but someone else has uploaded a better image from the reruns. The prev image I uploaded was also a shot of Sven just looking over his shoulder, so glad a better image has been uploaded.

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