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Tim Richards is the brother of the late John Richards and the biological uncle of Chrissie White.

In the late 1970s, Tim's brother John had an affair with Ellen White even though he was employed by her husband Lawrence. Despite Lawrence and Ellen's open marriage, Lawrence did not approve of Ellen and John's relationship as Ellen was besotted with him. Ellen soon discovered she was pregnant with John's child but after learning about the pregnancy, John fled to America. Although Lawrence knew baby Chrissie couldn't possibly be his biological child, he raised her as his own. About a year later, Lawrence returned home to find John holding baby Chrissie. Lawrence was furious and set John up and subsequently, John was sent to prison for fraud. Following his release, John was unable to find a job and his friends didn't want to know him so he took his own life by gassing himself in a garage.

In the aftermath of John's death, Tim went travelling, eventually settling in Dubai. Following the death of his mother in 2017, Tim returned to England to sort out her affairs. In June, Tim phoned in to Hotten FM where Lawrence was a guest on their 'Six of the Best' show, accusing him of killing John. This prompted Lawrence to reveal to Chrissie who her biological father was. Chrissie yearned for more information about her family history and searched for her uncle, desperate for a reunion with any possible relatives.

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