Tim Sanderson
Tim Sanderson (born Tim Wellings) is a German born English actor and personal trainer who has appeared in Emmerdale in two minor roles:

Emmerdale is Sanderson's only television credit although he has appeared in an advert for FIFA 07.

Wellings trained at Arts Educational Schools London, graduating in 2011. Following Wellings' grandfather's death, he took on his grandfather's surname in a professional capacity, thus meaning he was credited as Tim Wellings when he first appeared in Emmerdale in 2006 but Tim Sanderson for his 2018 appearance.

Wellings ran the 2017 London Marathon alongside his sister. The pair raised over £12,000 for Meningitis Research Foundation which is a charity close to their heart after Tim contracted bacterial meningitis and septicaemia aged six months. He spent six weeks in intensive care and has lifelong lasting effects, including some brain damage.

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