Tina Marie Dingle is the youngest child and only daughter of Zak and Nellie Dingle.

Tina arrived in the village a few months after her family. Her most famous storyline was in July 1995 when she was going to get married to Luke McAllister. However, this proved to be fake, in order to get revenge on him for the death of her brother Ben the year before. A few days later, she was kidnapped by Luke and was taken on a mad van drive through the village. She dived out of the van and Luke was killed moments later in an explosion when the van crashed into a wall. Tina regretted the way she treated Luke and on the first anniversary of his death, she laid flowers on the spot where he died.

1996 saw Tina caught in the middle of a love triangle with Frank Tate and Steve Marchant. She left on Christmas Eve that year after being sick of being caught in the middle and potentially ending up like Frank's wife Kim, as well as her family life not going anywhere. Her last line was to Frank, "Before you start looking for a new wife, start sorting out your old one. Dave Glover is on his way to Home Farm." Tina then gets in her car and drives out of the village.

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