Tina Marie Dingle is the youngest child and only daughter of Zak and Nellie Dingle.


Tina was first seen in December 1994, attending a party in the village. She got talking to a young man, and things seemed to be going well between the pair, until she was informed that he was Luke McAllister, the man responsible for the death of her older brother, Ben. Disgusted, Tina walked away, spitting in Luke's face as she went.

Over the next few weeks, Tina made it her mission to make life as miserable as possible for the McAllister family. Tina's constant goading contributed to the entire family, with the exception of Luke, moving away from the village, however, Tina wasn't done with her revenge plan yet. Luke and Tina began spending lots of time together, and eventually entered into a relationship. Tina's parents, Nellie and Zak, were horrified when they learned of the news, with Zak even attempting to beat Luke up. However, Tina was able to diffuse the situation when she revealed that she was pregnant. 

With a baby on the way, it was decided that the pair should marry, and the date was set for 20th July 1995.  Zak and Nellie reluctantly accepted Tina and Luke's relationship, with Nellie even becoming excited at the prospect of her daughter marrying a future Doctor. Unfortunately, Luke's hopes of becoming a Doctor began slipping from his grasp, when Tina claimed to be feeling unwell, causing Luke to miss his exam. Around the same time, Tina convinced Luke that, in order to fund their wedding, he should sell his motorbike and a valuable family heirloom, sales he almost instantly regretted.

The day of the wedding soon arrived and Luke and Tina headed to the alter. However, Tina interrupted the service and revealed that the whole relationship had been an act of revenge for Ben's death. Not only that, but there was not, and never had been, a baby. Luke was left devastated by Tina's actions, and a few days later, decided to leave the village and return to his parents in London. Before he left, Luke asked to see Tina one last time, and took her for a drive round the village in David Glover's van. Refusing to believe that Tina had never loved him, Luke increased his speed as he tried to get her to confess. A terrified Tina tried to convince him to stop, and eventually threw herself from the moving van, moments before Luke lost control and crashed. Luke was killed in the accident and Tina had to incur the wrath of Luke's friends, who blamed her for his death. Tina herself struggled with her grief over the accident, as she told Nellie that, whilst she had wanted to take revenge on Luke for Ben's death, she had never wanted him dead.

Over the months that followed, Tina began attempting to rebuild her life. After a brief run in with the police over a robbery that Albert Dingle had been involved in, Tina took a job as Frank Tate's housekeeper at Home Farm. Tina believed that Frank had only offered her the job to annoy his ex wife, Kim, however, she was surprised when he seemed impressed with her work and appeared to enjoy having her around, even taking her with him on holiday to the West Indies. 

Later in 1996, Tina began a relationship with Steve Marchant, leaving Frank jealous and he began playing mind games and making unreasonable demands on her time. Tina eventually stood up to Frank and the pair made up when they attended a residential conference together. It was whilst away on this trip that Frank proposed to Tina, however, she turned him down, telling him that she didn't see him as anything more than her boss. Frank struggled to accept Tina's rejection and began pressuring her to change her mind, leading to her taking time off work. Frank's harassment eventually got too much for Tina and she confided in Mandy that she'd made some contacts whilst at the conference, and was going to enquire about other work. A few days later, Tina was offered a job in London, and told Frank of her intention to leave. Frank refused to accept Tina's resignation and was soon pressuring her again to accept his proposal. Tina insisted that she wasn't interested and left the village on Christmas Eve 1996.

Tina has not visited the village since, not even for her much younger half-sister Belle Dingle's birth in 1998, or for her brother Butch's funeral in March 2000 after he was killed in the bus crash.

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