Tiny Alcock was a flirty breadman who Val Pollard slept with in May 2014.

Tiny was late delivering bread to Café Main Street on 1st May 2014, and whilst dropping the bread off he chatted up Nicola King, who revealed she had a husband. He later talked to Val Pollard, who revealed her marriage to husband Eric was over for good. Val and Tiny had a coffee, which was witnessed by Eric. Tiny brought Val flowers and invited her for a drink in The Woolpack, which Val accepted. Whilst in the pub, Val's sister Diane Sugden reminded Val that she was HIV positive, and Tiny should know. At the same time, Eric cornered Tiny in the toilets, where Tiny assured Eric that he would treat Val well.

Tiny and Val went on a second date the following day. When the pair returned to Emmerdale, they went to the The Grange to spend the rest of the day in bed, and Val asked Tiny if he had any protection. Val left Tiny in the bed and ran back to The Woolpack, where she worried to Victoria Sugden about her HIV status, as she hadn't told Tiny. Victoria told Val to go for it, as long as she used protection and was not putting Tiny at risk. Tiny and Val slept together, Tiny went through Val's bag to get a cigarette and discovered a card for a sexual health clinic. Val was forced to explain she was HIV positive, but Tiny was disgusted, and called her a 'diseased hag' insisting he never wanted to see her again.

The day after, Eric asked Tiny for the £50 for the room he and Val used the previous day. Tiny refused and walked out. Val told Eric that Tiny found out about her status and he decided to confront Tiny in the café. Eric demanded Tiny take their argument outside. Eri swung for Tiny but Tiny ended up getting hold of Eric. Tiny let go of Eric when Val scratched his van with a key. PC Swirling arrived and Val began throwing bread. Diane tried to stop Val, but ended up punching PC Swirling. Diane, Val and Eric were all arrested. Subsequently, the rest of the village canceled their bread orders with Tiny's firm, and weeks later, Tiny dropped the charges.

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