Toll Lane Fish Farm (also known as Toll Lane Trout Farm and Fish & Game Farm) was a fish farm located on Home Farm land and opened in 1978 after NY Estates bought the property. 

Peter Vine owned the fish farm, when he went on holiday in November 1978 and left his son Tony in charge. However, a fire in a barn at Home Farm holding chemicals leaked into the fish farm pond, killing all the fish. Home Farm manager Trevor Thatcher offered to purchase the business but the deal fell through when Trevor was fired. He was replaced by Maurice Westrop and later Richard Anstey in 1980. In March 1982, Alan Turner became manager but the fish farm would later stay closed for years.

In March 1984Derek Warner, Kevin Haynes and Tom Merrick stole fish from the fish farm, killing them with explosives. However, they were caught and received a prison sentence in October 1984.

In February 1988, after Alan and Joe Sugden, bought the place from NY Estates, it reopened. Employee Jock MacDonald forgot to unblock the inlets leading to several of the fish dying. However, he remained at his position and mended his ways.

In 1989, Frank Tate bought Home Farm and carried on running the fish farm. He would go on to fire Jock in 1990 for arson and blackmail. In January 1990, after Seth Armstrong got sick from working at the fish farm, Frank's daughter Zoe Tate got suspicious. She examined the water and concluded it had been contaminated from slurry from Emmerdale Farm

After Alan buys the local pub, The Woolpack, in January 1991, he tells his assistant Elizabeth Feldmann that he will be leaving the day-to-day running of the fish farm to her and increasing her salary.

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