DI Tom Keysell was the police officer who arrived at Home Farm with DS Karen Barnborough to discuss Zoe Tate's rape allegations against Scott Windsor in July 2003. However, after talking to Scott, the officers decide there is no case to investigate. Tom then investigated Chris Tate's death in September 2003, arresting Charity Tate for the murder, and was present during Charity's trial in January 2004. He later investigated the shooting of Jack Sugden in May 2004, but failed to charge anyone. In October 2004, DI Keysell investigated the attack on Frank Bernard Hartbourne, but the investigation was made difficult when Frank refused to name his attackers. However, Syd Woolfe comes forward and names Scott Windsor as the attacker (despite Syd also attacking Frank), and Scott is arrested. DI Keysell investigates the disappearance of Shelly Williams and arrests Steph Stokes, and charges her when Steph's solicitor quits. He then tries to find Shelly's body, but Shelly turns up alive in February 2005, and Shelly refuses to press charges, to Keysell's dismay.

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