Tonicha Jeronimo (born 4th November 1977 in Jersey) portrayed Linda Fowler in Emmerdale between 1994 and 1997.

She has also appeared in My Wonderful Bride and Where the Heart Is.

Tonicha has been married to Stuart Wade, who played Linda's husband Biff Fowler, since 2000 and they have two children.

Tonicha has since left the acting industry and in 2003, trained to be a police officer, although, in 2016, she appeared in Casualty alongside her daughter Sydney Wade under her married name Tonicha Lawrence.

In January 1998, Tonicha spoke to The Mirror about how horrible her experiences with producers were. She revealed how she had major skin problems, caused by hair dye. Producer Mervyn Watson had told Tonicha that there were too many blondes and she had to dye her hair. This, combined with the constant depressing storylines, pushed Tonicha to quit the role. Mervyn asked her to reconsider, but Tonicha was adamant and wanted to leave by the end of the end of her contract in Decmeber 1997. However, Tonicha was told that she wouldn't be needed past 2nd September, "I'm not sure why they did it. But knowing how penny-pinching they are, it was probably to save themselves six weeks' wages." Tonicha also revealed that she learned about her character's exit through her cast members and that the bosses hadn't even bothered to tell her. Mervyn told her it was the writers decision, however the writers told Tonicha that killing Linda off was the last thing they wanted to do. Tonicha also commented on Mervyn's farewell speech - "He gave the same speech - word for word to Jane Cameron, who played the Tates' nanny, at her leaving party two weeks later. Only our names were different. It was another way of showing how little we mattered."

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