Tony Marchant served as a temporary secretary for Alan Turner whilst his usual secretary Caroline Bates was busy looking after The Woolpack in August 1987. Tony is also the nephew of NY Estates head Christopher Meadows. At first, he did not let on he was related to Meadows. Alan hated having a male secretary and made life quite difficult for Tony. When Tony said he is the nephew of the managing director, Alan ate humble pie.

Tony returned to working at NY Estates in September 1987, this time helping Sandie Merrick. When Kathy Bates split from her boyfriend Jackie Merrick in October 1987, Tony began trying to win Kathy. Kathy was down following the birth of her half-brother William Bates so Tony offered Kathy a night out to forget. Jackie approached Kathy once Tony had left and asked if she wanted to talk, but Kathy tells him she has plans. Tony and Kathy decided not to pursue a relationship. In November 1987, Tony returned to Lincoln, and left Beckindale for good.

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