After a night on guard outside Freddie's house, Donna is torn when she realises her mum's court case will be starting shortly. Deciding that this may be her mum and Bob's last chance, she decides to wait it out. When Freddie emerges and starts to load a suitcase in a car, Donna orders Ross back into the car and gives chase. Ross calls for back up and urges her to slow down but Donna is determined and puts her foot down. A kamikaze car chase ensues. In a desperate attempt to prove her mother's innocence, Donna loses control of her car at a roundabout, resulting in a mid-air flip and leaving her and Ross trapped inside. As the car starts to catch alight with Ross being the only one conscious, will they manage to make it out in time? Having secretly sneaked off with Betty’s keys, Pearl heads into Keepers Cottage to try and steal her quilt back. Pearl is shocked to be caught red handed by a half-naked Alan. Later that day, Alan pays Pearl a visit and asks to take the quilt back. Pearl refuses and they end up in a tug of war resulting in the quilt being torn. Alan is horrified and he offers to help Pearl mend it. Getting on famously, Pearl and Alan reminisce as they mend the quilt. They agree that it’s a shame to end your life alone and Pearl is shocked when he leans in for a kiss. Alan is mortified but Pearl kisses him back to prove she is flattered.


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