Dear members,

Due to the original site admin disappearing for a long period of time from the Wiki, last week I applied for admin rights to the wiki to try and make some changes to the site that only admins can make. However, the Powers That Be would like some comments from the users of this wikia about my idea to become admin which is why I've started this blog.

I'm very passionate about Emmerdale and am really sorry to see that there isn't really a great archive for information on the show out there as there is for other UK dramas and soaps. I'd like to change that by adding as much content as possible over the few months and getting a detailed page for every episode and every main character to grace the show in the forseeable future.

My main concern though, and my main reason in wanting to have admin access, is the appearance of the wiki. To attract more members I think we need a clear and user-friendly layout, and preferably something nice and packed, but not cluttered, on the main page. I'd also like to put a logo up for the wiki as well.

These are just some of my thoughts for the wiki at the moment. Does anybody else have any?

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