DI Vikesh Dasari investigated the murder of Tom King. On 25th December 2006, Tom was pushed out of a second storey window of Home Farm, on the day of his wedding to Rosemary Sinclair. Tom's son Jimmy King told DI Dasari that he saw Bob Hope climb down the drainpipe following Tom's murder, and Bob said that he was only at the wedding to pass on a message to his step-daughter Donna Windsor-Dingle. However, Bob confessed to the murder, leaving everyone stunned. However, Bob was freed when Jamie Hope changed his story, and Jamie ultimately became the prime suspect.

In January 2007, Rosemary reported Chas Dingle to the police when Chas told her that she's glad Tom is dead. Chas is questioned and becomes a prime suspect. Diane Sugden was questioned by police, but she lied in her statement. The police soon discover belongings missing from Home Farm, and end up finding them inside the pig hut at Wishing Well Cottage. Chas and Eli Dingle are subsequently arrested, Chas for assaulting Rosemary and Eli for handling stolen goods. When one of the stolen items turns out to be the murder weapon, the pair are both arrested for murder.

Terry Woods eventually returns to the village and the police question him, suspicious over his confrontation with Tom prior to his death, and the fact he fled shortly after the murder took place. However, the murder weapon is found at the King's landfill site and they end up becoming the prime suspects. Dasari attends Tom's funeral in February 2007 with DCI Barraclough, and they keep a watchful eye on the mourners.

In March 2007, the officers question Rosemary, and become suspicious when Rosemary becomes rattled when they ask how her first husband died. However, Grayson Sinclair discovers that Matthew King forced Perdita Hyde-Sinclair into telling the police about Raymond, and as a result the King brothers are arrested. Kelly Windsor gives them a false alibi and they are released without charge. The Kings are later arrested again where Kelly crumbles and admits she gave the brothers a false alibi, and is charged with perverting the course of justice.

DCI Barraclough begins to suspect Carl, and enters a relationship to him. In September 2007, when Charles Vaughan gives them 48 hours to catch the killer, Grace manages to get a confession from Carl. However, as she is about to take him to the station to confess, she is struck by a lorry and is killed. Grace didn't tell Vikesh that Carl was the killer before her death, and Carl was able to get away with the murder.

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