Vinny is a teenager who was presumed to be the son of Mandy Dingle.

Prior to their arrival Mandy and Vinny lived in Southampton. Originally, Marlon Dingle thought that Vinny was Mandy and Paddy Kirk's "secret son" when they arrived in the village in January 2019, and confronted her about it. However, Mandy revealed that Paddy was not Vinny's father and the pair soon left again.

Mandy and Vinny returned to Emmerdale in September 2019 and moved in with some relatives at Butlers Farm. He was then revealed to have assisted Mandy in her criminal past. Vinny was always good at maths and card counting, so Mandy made sure he went to different casinos and dealers.

Vinny couldn't resist a pretty face, and he started showing off to a pretty young cocktail waitress, telling her that he counted cards and that it was the perfect crime. But she then told Terry, the casino owner, and he wasn't happy. He wanted his money back, and fast, or else Vinny would be taken away from her. She promised Terry she would pay back every penny to ensure Vinny's safety. Vinny was later barred from the casino for life, forcing Mandy to get someone else to help her, who went by the names "The Little Mermaid" and "Red".

After Mandy set off a fire alarm and stole some of the casino's money, she and "Red" then ran for their lives. They eventually found Vinny in a van, and they got in it and drove off. They got away, but were never free of him. Terry eventually demanded all his money back, and didn't stop. After being freed of Terry by Sam Dingle, Vinny revealed he isn't actually Mandy's son.

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