Vinny is the son of Mandy Dingle's former boyfriend, Paul Ashdale. Vinny was raised by Mandy after Paul left them and views her as his mother.



Mandy first met him when he was only 9 months old while she was on a first date with his father, and she knew right away that someone had to look after him. Mandy and Paul clicked right away and by the end of the week she moved in with him. Initially, they were happy but then Paul got himself into a mess and which escalated until one day he walked out on them only two days after Vinny started school, and never came back. Mandy continued to raise Vinny and became a mother to him. They didn't have an easy life but Mandy did everything for Vinny, starving just so he could eat. 

Before arriving in Emmerdale, Mandy decided it was best to pretend Vinny was her biological son as she feared her family wouldn't accept him as part of the family unless they shared blood. Prior to their arrival Mandy and Vinny lived in Southampton.

2019-: Arrival in Emmerdale

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Mandy and Vinny arrive in Emmerdale

Originally, Marlon Dingle thought that Vinny was Mandy and Paddy Kirk's "secret son" when they arrived in the village in January 2019. Paddy confronted Mandy about it but Mandy confirmed that wasn't the case and the pair soon left again.

Mandy and Vinny returned to Emmerdale in September 2019 and moved in with some relatives at Wishing Well Cottage. He was then revealed to have assisted Mandy in her criminal past. Vinny was always good at maths and card counting, so Mandy made sure he went to different casinos and dealers. Vinny couldn't resist a pretty face, and he started showing off to a pretty young cocktail waitress, telling her that he counted cards and that it was the perfect crime. But she then told Terry, the casino owner, and he wasn't happy. He wanted his money back, and fast, or else Vinny would be taken away from Mandy. She promised Terry she would pay back every penny to ensure Vinny's safety. Vinny was later barred from the casino for life, forcing Mandy to get someone else to help her. They got away with the money but Terry eventually showed up and demanded all his money back. After being freed of Terry by Sam Dingle, Vinny revealed in a conversation with Mandy that he wasn't actually her son.

In January and February 2020, Vinny helped Mandy with her "Free Marlon" campaign, with the purpose of freeing relative Marlon Dingle who was wrongfully imprisoned for the murder of Graham Foster

Episode 8759

Vinny and Mandy opens up about their past

In March 2020, Vinny discovered Sam's son Samson had pawned Sam's wedding ring from his dead wife Alice in order to pay for a trip to France. When Sam found out Vinny covered for Samson telling him he was the one to do it in order to protect Samson. however, Samson soon enough admitted it wasn't Vinny but Vinny who was getting sick of lying finally admitted to Sam, his fiancee Lydia Hart and Samson that he wasn't really a Dingle by blood. Despite this, after hearing their story they all welcomed him to the family, saying he was a proper Dingle. 

On 17th April 2020, Vinny attends Sam and Lydia's wedding and the Dingles insisted Vinny drank from the well, officially making him a Dingle. Chas Dingle told him that even though he wasn't a Dingle by birth, he was definitely one by nature.

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