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Vonda Lockhart is Bob Hope's fourth wife and mother to his fifth child, Roxy.

Exotic dancer Vonda met Bob on a cruise ship in 1994. They got married whilst drunk but filled for divorce soon after, with Bob unaware that their brief marriage had resulted in Vonda becoming pregnant. In the early-mid 2000s, Vonda tried to get in contact with Bob to tell him about their daughter Roxy. Although Vonda spoke with one of Bob's ex-wives, Barbara, she was unable to track down Bob.

In the lead up to Bob's second wedding to Viv Hope, his sixth wedding overall, Bob spoke of the desire to have all of his children present at the wedding. Whilst visiting with Barbara to discuss Bob and Barbara's two children attending the wedding, Barbara informed Viv about Vonda and Roxy. Viv then broke the news to a stunned Bob that he had a daughter he didn't know about. Vonda and Roxy attended the wedding.

In 2007, Vonda dropped Roxy off with Bob whilst she was touring the North West of England. She had to pick Roxy up early after she choked whilst eating and they returned to America a few weeks later.

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