Wendy Dingle is the daughter of Crocodile Dingle and the sister of Jed Dingle, as well as at least five other brothers. Some of Wendy's brothers had been killed by crocodiles.

Zak Dingle and his son Butch came to visit the Australian Dingles, but were horrified to discover their hatred due to a feud between Ebenezer and Nathaniel Dingle back in the 1800s. Wendy got her brothers to leave the pair alone, and developed the hots for Butch. Crocodile told her to leave them alone, calling them mongrels, but Wendy called Butch cute. When Crocodile and her brothers left, Wendy hit on Butch. When Zak tried to push Butch to flirt back, Wendy called Zak "fungus face". Wendy unties Butch but leaves Zak all tied up, and leads Butch to the house. She offers to cook for Butch, asking if he's ever tried kangaroo to which he worries it may be Skippy. Wendy laughs and proceeds to ask if he's ever fallen in love, and admits she also has the problem where she can't get someone to love her back. However, Wendy and Butch find themselves falling in love. Wendy worries that when her family gets back, they'll beat up Butch so Butch asks Wendy to come back to Emmerdale with her.

Wendy and Butch hear Zak's screams, as Zak is horrified to find himself almost being attacked by a snake. However, Wendy grabs the snake and kills it, saving Zak. She makes the decision to let Zak and Butch go, despite the fact that Crocodile will kill her. Wendy gives Butch the family's ring, and Butch vows to save every penny he gets until he can buy her a one-way ticket to Emmerdale. She also throws a snake at Zak as a "souvenir".

Wendy went with Crocodile to the airport where Crocodile handed in some bacon Zak had smuggled into the country, and Wendy tried to run off to see Butch, however she was stopped by Crocodile.

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