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Wendy Posner is the mother of Lee and Luke Posner and ex-wife of Russ Posner. She arrived in Emmerdale to confront Victoria Barton who accused Lee of raping her, believing that the allegations against her son were lies.


2019-: Arrival in Emmerdale

Following the revelation that Victoria is pregnant with Lee's baby, Wendy refused to be cut out of her grandchild's life and continued to be completely confident that her monstrous son was innocent of the crime. Wendy was horrified when Lee was left in a coma after a confrontation with Victoria's brother, Robert Sugden. In early August 2019, she ran into Victoria at the hospital and swore to her that she would regret what she'd done to her son. In October 2019, Wendy is devastated when Lee dies from his injuries.

In December 2019, Wendy got a job working as a nurse for Liam Cavanagh and Manpreet Sharma at Abbott Lane Surgery and moved to the village. Victoria was horrified upon seeing Wendy moving into Dale View but she tried to assure her she would keep out of her way. On 1st January 2020, Victoria gave birth to her grandson Harry. Wendy was desperate to get to know her grandson but Luke convinced her to keep her distance and respect Victoria's boundaries.

In February 2020, Wendy finally admitted to Victoria that she believed her and knew Lee had raped her. However, she still struggled and admitted she still loved and missed her son. Victoria's stepmother Diane paid Wendy a visit, willing to put what happened behind them and urged her to talk. Wendy admitted she blamed herself for the way Lee turned out, opening up about how she became depressed after her divorce, leasing to Lee lashing out and asserting control through cruelty. However, Diane told her that was nonsense and that Lee was the only one responsible for his actions. Wendy asked what she could do to help Victoria and Diane asked her to give them some space. They later started to grow closer as Victoria and Luke started dating and Victoria let Wendy spend more and more time with Harry. Wendy developed a close friendship with Bob Hope who helped her through her grief after Lee and supported her. 


"Excuse me, love, are you Victoria Barton?" - first line, to Victoria Barton.

"I know he raped you!" - to Victoria, finally admitting what Lee did.

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