Val storms round to see Lisa when the tablecloths aren't delivered on the morning of the contest. On arrival, Val is knocked unconscious when Lisa accidentally opens the door into her face. Lisa agrees to allow Eli to take care of Val while she delivers the table cloths, but on her return she finds that Eli has taken Val hostage in the barn. Eli insists that there's money to be made from Val's capture, since she's getting married. A newly awakened Val is horrified to hear the revelation and this turns to fury as she's filled in on Eric's cheapskate wedding plans. Shocking the Dingles, Val insists that the ransom continue, providing she gets a cut. In agreement, Eli makes the call. Eric is distraught to hear of Val's kidnapping and breaks down when he realises he doesn't have the funds to pay the ransom. However, remembering Lisa's hasty retreat after dropping off the table cloths, Eric smells Dingle involvement. After interrogating the Dingles and them denying any involvement, Eric opens up to the family and reveals that he truly wanted to give Val her perfect wedding. Hearing his sincerity, Val pops up, hoping for a reconciliation. However, Eric is aghast and a massive argument erupts between the pair with both insisting the wedding is off. The Dingles quickly grow tired of the war of words and decide to take matters into their own hands. Zak bundles Eric and Val into the van and heads to the village. Will either make it to the church on time? Also, Marlon is the epitome of stress as he prepares for the judges' arrival. He reaches the neurotic pinnacle when the vegetable delivery fails to materialise and sends all and sundry off to find the ingredients needed for his dishes. In the midst of the anarchy, the judges arrive early and Marlon comes face-to-face with celebrity chef Antony Worrall-Thompson. Despite an unrecognisable menu, Marlon passes inspection with flying colours and is over the moon when Antony suggests he'd like to discuss future culinary ideas. Is Marlon about to become Emmerdale's very own master chef?


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