Whingles Ale is a company owned by Lachlan White and Belle Dingle which specialises in manufacturing ale to supply to pubs and bars.

Whingles Ale launched in March 2018, with a launch party being held in The Woolpack. Lachlan and Belle later recruited Priya Kotecha to help with marketing and distribution, and also hired Gerry Roberts to help them with production. Priya managed to convince Doug Potts and Diane Sugden to sell Whingles at The Grange B&B, and Gerry even made a sign especially for them. However, the B&B suffered structural damage and Lachlan caused it to collapse on Gerry in an attempt to kill him. The attempt failed so Lachlan killed Gerry by branding a rock at him.

Priya managed to get a businessman named Freddy to invest in the business. However, Priya slightly deceived Freddy by getting him to do all the dealing through her, infuriating Lachlan and annoying Belle. Lachlan's attitude pushed Freddy to pull out from investing, but he is impressed when Belle puts him in his place. He offers her a job, which Belle accepts. Lachlan, believing Belle will leave him for Freddy, tries to kill him outside a hotel but is interrupted. Belle later decides not to take the job.

Lachlan had taken a drunk Priya along with him to the hotel, leaving her asleep in the car. However, Priya had woken up and seen that they were outside a hotel and in her panic, called a cab. Lachlan worried that she had witnessed his attempted murder, but Priya suspected that he was going to sexually assault her as he had previously done to Alicia Metcalfe. These accusations caused a feud between Lachlan, Belle and the Sharmas and Priya subsequently quit.

Following Lachlan's imprisonment for his crimes in September 2018 - less than half a year since the business was launched - Whingles is currently in an uncertain position.

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