Will Cairns is the only son of Tony and Becky Cairns and the brother of Charlie and Emma Cairns.


He arrived in Emmerdale in February 1997 with his family. One of his main storylines was when he was kidnapped in October 1997 by Fiona Mallender as she wanted revenge on Will's father Tony, as she blamed him for her father's death. Will was found and rescued. Fiona then left. Will was a footballer and became friends with Terry Woods. Despite arriving in the village with his entire family, he ended up staying the longest as his parents moved to Germany in April 1998. In January 1999, Will heard news that his dad Tony had been injured in Germany so decided to move out there. His friends held a farewell party but Will got drunk and made passes at his mates' girlfriends and insulted several villagers. The following morning, Will said goodbye to Terry. Terry gave him a video of their rugby trial as a memento. Will then left for Germany, never to return to Emmerdale.

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