Will Coulter is the husband of Pam Coulter and the father of Pip Coulter. Will and Pam are atheists and Pam was horrified when Pip wanted to go to church. This ensued in a row between the trio outside St. Mary's Church, disrupting the session. Pip went missing in April 1978 and Will tried to work with Sam Pearson to find her as he had discovered her intentions to marry Steve Hawker. However, the pair failed to track her down and Pip and Steve eloped in May.

Will and Pam were shocked when they were informed that Steve and Pip had burgled The Woolpack, holding the landlords at gunpoint, before taking a car to flee. Will blamed Pam for Pip's actions, and in his fury, physically attacking her, leaving her hospitalised. Pip was later found and arrested but released on bail.

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