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Wishing Well Cottage is the Dingle homestead, next door to Holdgate Farm. Many family members over the years have lived at the Cottage either temporally or over an extended period of time.


Wishing Well Cottage was originally a barn, a part of Holdgate Farm, and was rented out to the Dingles by Mr Holdgate. According to Lisa Dingle in 2017, the house held fifty years' worth of Dingle history, meaning that the family had lived there since at least 1967.

When Mr. Holdgate died in September 1995, Frank Tate, who had bought Holdgate Farm, tried to evict the Dingles, as he technically owned the house. Frank's plan failed as in December 1995, the house became unattached to Holdgate Farm.

After Debbie Dingle moved out in early 2006, the Dingles transformed her old bedroom into a self-contained flat to give Sam and Alice their own space with and their newborn son Samson.

In January 2018, Joe Tate arranges for the house to be demolished to make way for an access road for a golf course. Joe throws a party at Home Farm so nobody will see Wishing Well Cottage get demolished, but whilst Chas Dingle was working at The Woolpack, Noah and Samson Dingle sneak off to Wishing Well Cottage and are trapped when the place is getting destroyed. However, Graham Foster beats up the contractors to get them to stop with the demolishing, and he and Eric Pollard save Noah and Samson.

In January 2022, serial killer Meena Jutla breaks into the house, armed with a screwdriver, in order to retrieve Leanna Cavanagh’s stolen ring which was then stolen from her by Noah, and then dumped on Samson. Whilst she is there, she manages to find the ring, and also sees Vinny Dingle’s evidence board, trying to find out who murdered Ben Tucker and to free his girlfriend Liv Flaherty from prison. She tries to confuse Vinny by writing things on it, and stealing a photo of Ben. Vinny immediately realises it was her and confronts her at an abandoned barn. Meena then hits Vinny over the head with a plank of wood and hold him hostage along with her sister Manpreet Sharma. They are both rescued by Liam Cavanagh and when everyone learns about Meena’s crimes, Liv is eventually released from prison.