The Wylde/Lamb family lived in Emmerdale between 2009 and 2011. During their short time in the village, the family was at the centre of many storylines including Natasha discovering that husband Mark had a secret wife and son and Ryan and Maisie embarking on a relationship, unaware that they were half-siblings. In the aftermath of Ryan and Maisie discovering that they were siblings, Maisie suffered a mental breakdown and Natasha killed Mark and framed Ryan for the murder.


Daniel Lamb married Faye Lamb in 1979. He walked out on her in 1981 and never came back, unaware that she was pregnant with their son Ryan. Daniel went on to marry Natasha Wylde, under the name of Mark Wylde, and they had three children Nathan, Maise and Will, with his new family unaware of Mark's past life, or his real name.


In January 2009, Mark and Natasha Wylde rode into the village on horseback after they bought Home Farm Estates as well as St. Mary's Church. The villagers did not take kindly to a new family in the village and feared that they will try to take over and buy the entire village, although they were soon won round after the Wyldes' bought a round of drinks in The Woolpack.

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