In May 2003Syd Woolfe, Scott Windsor and Robert Sugden went to the lap-dancing club Tassles, where Syd was offered a free lap-dance from Yolanda Howie. She continued to flirt with him, which made Chloe Atkinson, who had been having an affair with Syd, jealous, as she still fancied him, despite being with Scott. Syd was finding Yolanda too much to handle, and dumped her. Yolanda was furious, and threw a vase at him.

In August 2003, Yolanda returned to the village to see Scott and left her card with an invitation to give him a call. After they had a date in the Woolpack, they went to Scott's and engaged in a passionate embrace. However, Yolanda left quickly, leaving Scott confused. During the early hours, police arrived and arrested Scott for rape. Scott realised that he had been set up by Chris Tate, who initiated a campaign again Scott after he was revealed as the father of Chris' niece Jean. Zoe, Jean's mother and Chris' sister, became convinced that she might've been raped during her liaison with Scott and sought answers from Yolanda, who agreed to drop the charges after Zoe bribed her.

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