York is a city and a unitary authority area in North Yorkshire, England.

York was the birthplace of two regular members of the Emmerdale cast; Johnny Leeze on 31st December 1941, and Ian Kelsey on 17th December 1966. Both actors played father-and-son Ned and Dave Glover, respectively

Emmerdale history

  • In August 1973, Amos Brearly went on a training course in the city after he received a letter from Gowler International, a company that took over The Woolpack, inviting him to take part in it. He returned in early September.
  • Maurice Westrop invited Henry Wilks and Annie Sugden to the city to view a modern pig unit in January 1979. After she rejected the offer, Matt Skilbeck went in her place.
  • Annie Sugden's cousin Laura was living in York by July 1988, and sent a letter to Annie inviting her to come for a visit.
  • Caroline Bates went on a day trip to the city with Alan Turner in June 1989.
  • Jack Sugden went to York to see his wife Sarah to try for a reconciliation in October 1994. After a heart-to-heart, she agreed to return to Emmerdale.
  • In August 1995, Britt Woods tried to convince her husband Terry to move to a pub, The Bell of York. She chatted up brewery director Gerald Taylor to ensure the move to the pub was secured. Gerald agreed, and Britt and Terry packed up for the move, but Terry backed out at the last minute, leaving Britt to go alone. In December, Terry tracked Britt down in the hopes of a reconciliation. He was initially refused entry as she was going by her maiden name Slater. When Britt finally saw him that day, she rejected him. Gerald then walked into the room with some champagne. Terry thumped him, and parted ways with Britt for good.
  • In January 2002, Eve Birch was sent off to York to live with her great-aunt Lily Butterfield .
  • By February 2016, Sandra Flaherty and her daughter Olivia were living in the Hammerton neighbourhood. Sandra's former stepson Aaron Livesy tracked them down as he needed he help to convict his and Liv's father Gordon of child abuse against him when he was a child. Sandra refused to come forward as a witness, however. After Gordon was convicted, Sandra moved to Dublin in April 2016. She went alone as Liv wanted to stay with Aaron in Emmerdale.

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